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Is That A Straight Six?...I Got A Straight Six!

I always wanted to start a cover band and name it, Zip..Flop....OH MY!

Today is a good day to be alive, i'm fucking serious.

A few hours ago we took a rocket attack and it hit less than 40 yards away from my work space. When the impact went and I heard the noise, i nearly had a heart attack Seriously, i used to think that, "my life flashed before my eyes" was all bullshiot, but that happened tonight. Me and the other guy i work with just looked at each other and took off to put on our flak jackets and kevlar. I haven't moved that fast in a long time. when we stepped outside there was still sand and dirt flying. we thought at first that our building had taken some frag but we're not sure. I'm going to try to take a picture of the hole, i haven't been out to see it yet and its still dark out.

I don't write this to worry anyone or for anyone to think i'm a tough-guy or something. I definitely want to remember this day so might as well get it saved.

Amidst it all though the stars were still shining down like they had something secret and fun to say. i love the skyline and stars out here, i can't say that enough. amazing...only in the middle east...I gotta hand it to johnny jihad, this place is beautiful at night.

Other than that, not much is new. rehnquist dying is interesting...our government is hardcore screwing the pooch on this hurricane relief and kuwait gave us free oil..end of the fuckin world i say.

Ait i'm out.
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